Pink Butterfly Cookies - Creating an Invisible Outline with Royal Icing (Sweet Sugar Belle) Spring cookies icing inspiration. Would totally put this design on a cake!

butterfly favor/craft

Didi @ Relief Society: Valentine's Ideas for kids, teachers and for you! - We made these for Grayson's Valentines.used Valentine M&Ms instead of Red Hots and "blinged" them out more.

Gardens Refreshments

Butterfly Lanterns - Brighten up a room or an outdoor get-together with these beautiful butterflies cut from printed and solid-color paper. Here, we affixed the butterflies to paper lanterns to create an adorable party decoration.

all things simple: celebrate | madilyn's fairy party.  girls birthday party.  kids parties.  diy party favors.  party decorations - would be nice as a place setting too.

Fairy Princess Birthday Party Favors -Butterflies - create your own DIY party favors butterfly wings with the body being sweet candy - these are so pretty