Nunca em nenhuma circunstância pause os filmes da Disney

disney movies

You mean always pause Disney movies to laugh yourself silly? What do you mean that ruined your childhood?

qualquer direção que você olhar, a arma estará apontando pra você...

When I first saw this I didn't see the second part of the image so I tested the gun thing then scrolled down and read the rest of the image.i totally fell for it and after that i laughed like an idiot

O que o meu namorado pensa que eu gostaria de fazer quando falo em arrumar a casa...

OCD made beautiful…

Reminds me of a few friends! ~~Fixed it, OCD style. This is truly more like CDO. just like OCD but in alphabetical order. OCD to the next level

Rick And Morty, Created By

What Would You Rather?

What Would You Rather?

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Sorry to say but like widow isn't a lesbian <<< well you shouldn't assume the sexuality of characters, especially if they're not confirmed directly.

Daniel Craig’s Blue Suit from Spectre – Look for Less | Primer

Daniel Craig’s Blue Suit from Spectre – Look for Less

Costume designer Jany Temime partnered with designer Tom Ford to create Bond’s impeccable style. You don’t need Her Majesty’s Secret Service or a personal fashion designer to create this sleek look.

Whip Sword.... NOooo... It is a Navija, or more accurately a modern interpretation of the early 1400s "Gypsy Ratchet Sword" they were worn as a necklace when not in use then a button wratchet in the handle pulled the chain tight so they could be used as a solid sword. Same mechanisms found in retractable penns today only larger and stronger spring.

I found 'Ivy's Retractable Whip Sword' on Wish, check it out! Don't know who ivy is

e621 adult_swim alien angry animated band bird_person bound dancing digital_media_(artwork) drum english_text epilepsy_warning female guitar hat human macro male mammal monster morty_smith multi_arm multi_limb musical_instrument one_eye_closed parody paul_robertson pixel_(artwork) protest rick_and_morty rick_sanchez summer_smith teeth television text wink

probertson: “Animations for Rick and Morty with Ivan Dixon Rick TV Meeseeks Battle ”