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Talita Falcão
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The Cuban Red Macaw, Ara tricolor, is an extinct species of parrot that was native to Cuba and the Isla de la Juventud, an island off the coast of west Cuba. At about 45–50 centimetres (18–20 in) long it was one of the smaller members of the Ara genus of macaws. It was the last species of macaw native to the Caribbean islands to go extinct.

Cuban Macaw: Also known as the Cuban red macaw, Cuban macaw was a species of macaw native to the island of Cuba. It was the last species of Caribbean macaw that went extinct before the because of deforestation.

Wonderland: A Fantastical Voyage of Remembrance Through Portrait Photography by Kirsty Mitchell

SPOTLIGHT: Wonderland by Kristy Mitchell We have shared quite a bit of conceptual photography over the years, and we love it dearly. The Wonderland project from UK photographer Kirsty Mitchell is a.

Music & Art are one.

How Bad Philosophy Destroyed Good Music: True artists are not the antagonists of tradition but its latest advocates. They belong to the future because they are guardians of the past. (click the link below to view the full essay by Roger Scruton)

Iain Macarthur - Illustrator

model drawings by iain macarthur, via Behance