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Alguns leitores que não têm problema com glúten, nem sentem a necessidade de evitá-lo, nos pedem sempre receita de pão integral. Já faz algum tempo. Mas nós não queríamos qualquer receita.

My mother's peasant bread! If forced, I had to pick one and only one recipe to share with you that this — my mother’s peasant bread — would be it, I am serious. No knead, baked in pyrex bowls--started at on the dinner table at

Natural Household Cleaner Recipes • Learn how to make natural cleaners with recipes and directions!

If it’s important to you to use fewer toxic chemicals in your home, then the first place you should look to cut back on them is in your cleaner cabinet. We commonly use some pretty.

Nature-Inspired Beauty – How To Use River Stones In DIY Projects

To make a river stone mat first you have to gather or purchase river stones. After that take a plastic mat and arrange all the stones on it. Then stick all the stones one by one to the plastic mat by using silicone sealer. Let the sealer dry completely.