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there is a cat that is sitting on the stairs next to the handrails
Stowe Road - Shepherd's Bush — BAM!
a white and black stair case in a house
Staircase Builder | Handrails - Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide
an empty room with black and white stripes on the wall next to a stair case
black and white modern staircase design & interiors for melbourne houses designed by C.Kairouz Architects Timber Staircase, Modern Railing
Staircase Design with Black Banisters & Railings for Modern Preston Home | C. Kairouz Architects
a black and white photo of a modern door
Doors — Axolotl
an open door leading into a room with white walls and black tiles on the floor
Lifestyle of Mr.X
the stairs in this house are black and white
Transitional Custom Home Design
an empty room with white walls and black railing
Home - ZedWorks Design
an open door leading into a white room with trees in the backgroung
Photo 5 of 5 in Top 5 Homes of the Week With Distinctive Doorways…