Collar de círculos de ganchillo

Crochet Circles for Necklace or Bracelet cute mexican folk art style crochet necklace craft idea - start mith metal "circles," sc around until completely covered, fasten. Why not just crochet tiny sc circles and skip the metal center?

ENCANTANDO LINHAS: Colares em crochê... é de babar!!!!!

Grey and Black combination, it looks really gorgeous on a straples dress, My pic is a close up, I really need a model! Lol, so the real size…

Túnica a crochet

Túnica a crochet. Once I really looked at it I think it's do-able . There are diagrams!

Venda del ganchillo multicolor o collar para por MotivesAndPatterns

I thought at first look this was knit in a clever triangle with rows and troughs -- but it is several colors of i-cord (or spool-knitted cord) twisted together.