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Thaíssa Cysne
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Dark moon

Dark moon

If Sailor Moon Was Set in Feudal Japan

[Sailor Moon Japanese ancient] Household of sailor moon, if the story is in ancient Japan, from the Philippines Illustrator Rena Rêve

Fashion: Rei Hino, Ami Mizuno, Usegi Tsukino, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino

soldevia: “ Who should I draw next? Mamoru and the cats? Chibiusa and the Outer Senshis? Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom guys?

ArtStation - Sailor Moon - Rise of the Dark Kingdom, Moize Opel

edit: If you cosplay these designs send me a photo via email I will add it to this art entry. Sailor Moon redesign project I did to pay tribute to this memorable show.

SM/FF crossover

My second Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy class crossover! This time, Sailor Venus as a Thief. I tried something different with drawing long hair. I always feel like it looks pretty flat, so I tried .