I can't explain the emotional state I am in other than that I am heartbroken. I love Zayn Malik so much and the fact that I won't see him in group pictures with the other four, the fact that I won't see him singing live, the fact that he was so unhappy th

Harry Styles é com certeza, (pelo menos no meu entender) um dos jovens cantores com mais personalidade dos muito e muitos da atualidade.

The oh-so-famous Harry Styles Smolder. My legs just turned into bags of Jello. GOING DOWN, GUYS HELP.well those eyes had me like pinned against the wall not even jocking

so pretty

Jaw<<<no. That is the rare species of Louis Tomlinson. Extremely hard to find and their talents are sassing, singing and shutting down the wanted and naughty boy while starting And all while looking amazing and being a good dad

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Watching 'Zayns [V] Pod top his number 4 is Robin Thickes Blurred Lines xD

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Their face when they now that zaughty is died and all the tuits of zayn to NB