Henrique e Juliano ❤❤

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a man sitting in the back seat of a car with his hand up to the camera
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a shirtless man with sunglasses and tattoos on his chest sitting in a beach chair
a man holding a microphone in his right hand and pointing to the side on stage
a man with a beard sitting in a chair
a man is looking through his binoculars at the same time as he stands on stage
E lindeza ❤❤
two men singing into microphones while holding guitars
Amo 🤟
two men hugging each other on stage
Mto amor entre irmãos...lindos!
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Recomendo este vídeo para você!
a man sitting in an airplane looking at his cell phone
Perfeito 👌
a man with a beard wearing a black shirt and a green hat standing in front of a stage
Henrique (Henrique e Juliano) ♡
Ricelly Henrique
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a man with ear buds on his ears looking up at the sky and lights behind him
a man with a beard is holding a microphone and wearing a leather jacket in front of him
Lindo dia!
Perfeito 👌 🙃
a man with a beard wearing a black hat and holding his hand on his chest
É tudo por você, sempre!