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High style, low-budget in this 750 square foot English flat

Um varal com mesa de suporte? Pq não pensei nisso antes??

Declutter your laundry room with this dual-purpose laundry rack. It has long bars where you can hang clothes to dry, plus an optional hinged table that provides a perfect place for folding & sorting clothes and shelving

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Laundry room, a place where you do not put some more emphasis on friendly again as it certainly spend some time in this area on weekends. We present laundry rooms that could be ideal for

Fazer no guarda roupa

A vanity grooming rack (VGC) from Dura Supreme Cabinetry is a must-have for storing curling irons and blow-dryers.

roupeiro de roupa suja aproveitando espaço em baixo da pia

Banheiro de 3m² tem até luzes de camarim

And love the way the space under the wash basin is used for storage while hiding the ungainly pipes

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