Tenda Mistica Lilith

Tenda Mistica Lilith

Tenda Mistica Lilith
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Roda do Significado das Cores

Hi my friend, this beautiful color wheel chart describes how different colors support us in different ways. If you are interested in color, crystal,.

Symbol of Legba; gatekeeper to the spirit world, guardian of the crossroads in Hatian voodoo.

Unbreakable is full of protective symbols – real and fictional – to ward off everything from vengeance spirits and demons to bad luck. I created two fictional symbols for the book, the Wall and the.

Exu (orixá) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Veve of Papa Legba- Intermediary between the Loa and humanity. Stands at the spiritual crossroads and gives/denies permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee. Always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony.

Veve of Damballa, ruler of the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium in Haitian Vodou.

In Vodou, Damballah is one of the most important of all the loa (also spelled lwa). Damballah is the Sky God and considered the primordial creator of all life.