Fairytale Cinderella

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an illustration of a man and woman dressed in fancy clothing
Fairy Tale Mood
cinderella by koji fukiya
an animated image of two people dressed in fancy clothing
Awesome Alt Art
Gerry Weintz’s gorgeous illustration depicts Cinderella and her prince in rococo style, aka Paris in the early 18th century.
an old fashioned horse drawn carriage in front of a castle with people riding on it
On The Way To The Ball
Cinderella ~ illustrated by Ruth Ives,1954
an image of a fairy tale with pumpkins
Nursery Tales Cinderella Ivanov
a painting of a bride and groom walking down the stairs
Vintage Ladybird Book: Cinderella 1964
Vintage Ladybird Book: Cinderella 1964 | Little Owl Ski
an advertisement for the nintendo game aschemputel with princesses and prince
an illustration of two women dressed as princesses
300 Multiple Choices
A Gown For Cinderella (Original) by Cinderella (Nadir Quinto) at The Illustration Art Gallery
an image of a book with princesses in the pages and text on it's cover
Behold! A golden coach stopped before them. Illustration by Catherine Barnes
an image of a horse drawn carriage in the woods with princesses on it's back
Treasured Tales of Childhood, All-Time Favorites, Cinderella, illustrated by Catherine Barnes
a painting of a woman in a yellow dress with two birds on her shoulder, standing next to a tree
The third dress by LiigaKlavina on DeviantArt
Līga Kļaviņa ~ "The Third Dress" illustration for Cinderella, for Project "Fairy Tales for Today" watercolor and ink aka liga-marta on Deviant Art
some children's books with the title compare and contrast tips for reading fairy tales
6 Tips to Teach Compare and Contrast
Comparing and contrasting fairy tales plus lots of other easy to use tips to teach Compare and Contrast on Upper Elementary Snapshots.
an image of a woman looking at a dress
The first dress by LiigaKlavina on DeviantArt
illustration of Cinderella. For Fairy Tale Project "Fairy Tales for Today" (soon here will be link)
a drawing of a pink bed with curtains and pillows
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Jennelise Rose