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Last pinner says: "post-mortem photography: looks as though they are holding up their dead older brother" I call bullshit! All were alive. The kid in the middle clearly has a possible odd disease or some such thing though.

Old Picture of the Day: Old West Today we feature a picture of Robert McGee. The picture was taken in As a child, Robert McGee was scalped by Indians. He is the only person I am aware of who survived the horrific experience of being scalped.

Medicina do passado (3)

Medicina do passado (3)

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This is a series of eyeball closeups taken by Suren Manvelyan. Why anybody would want to take a bunch of freaky macro eyeball pictures is beyond me, but I suspect Suren is trying to steal souls.

Close-up I chose this picture because it doesn't have a background. I like this picture because of the different colors in the eye. I think I will try something similar to this when we use color film.