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Red queen

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happy place.

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carrie soto is back.

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astrid Parker doesn’t fail.

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the cruel prince.

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addie larue.

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mary jane.

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it ends with us.

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delilah green doesn't care.

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A autora nos faz querer morar no apartamento 6F para conviver e conhecer eles e o vizinho contador e drag queen.

one last stop.

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daisy jones&the six.

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seven husbands of e. hugo.

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a painting of a woman with freckles on her face next to a sewing machine
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two women sitting at a table eating spaghetti
three women sitting at a table drinking from wine glasses in front of their faces and smiling
a tennis racket is on the court ready to be used as a ball carrier
a man sitting on the ground holding a drink and tennis racket in his hand
a woman in white shorts is holding a yellow mp3 player