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59 Creative Homemade Group Costume Ideas

We've all got that friend who wants to get everybody together each Halloween and do a "group costume." It almost never works, mainly because the whole group has to stick together for the entire night, lest the group costume.

12 mobiliários inteligentes que integram as pessoas às cidades

”Off-Ground“ project by Amsterdam-based designers Jair Straschnow and Gitte Nygaard seeks to embrace play elements so that they can be used as alternative public seating.

Tornar mais acessível e próxima a relação dos cidadãos com a água nos entornos urbanos é um objetivo que pode ser reconhecido em uma dezena de...

Allowing people to experience the water feature by walking through it. Project: Roombeek the Brook Landscape Architecture: Buro Sant en Co Client: Municipality of Enschede Location: Enschede, The