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Embroidery is a beautiful craft which includes different types of stitches. If you are a beginner looking for a tutorial on how to start embroidery with basic stitches

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

who knew you could do so much with buttons. Wonderful ideas with buttons! Love the Christmas tree ornament! And the white button art. I have a wreath made completely of white buttons.

lovely heart made of random pieces of jewelry. So cute!

Heart of buttons, shells, vintage pearls, broaches.found objects.would be a fun diy project

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Puntos preciosos de bordados orientales. Interesantes para adornar camisetas o jerseis, o bolsas de tela, o bufandas, o.......

The Forbidden Stitch in Chinese Embroideries: Peking Stitch or Chinese Stitch. First, a back stitch is laid down and then, with a blunt needle, the Pekinese Stitch itself is laced