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"Sweet tooth Dahling" Harumi Hironaka

So, do u like art? Ive always been very artistic since my great grandma was an artist. This picture is amazing ~ '"Sweet tooth Dahling" Harumi Hironaka' Anyway, shopping soon!

@Hiba_tan Illustration Could be Max Caulfield if she was cooler like Rachel...haha, jk, she's cool in her own way

Hmmm I wonder if I could look like this ? A doodle that I spent way too much time on until it ended up being a full drawing haha QvQ (not a photo study btw ^^ )

Ver esta foto do Instagram de @harumi_hironaka • 11.1 mil curtidas

"Cherry Bomb"💥 on paper First of 2017 🙌 Thank you for the awesome photo referece ❤️❤️❤️