Guerra nas Estrelas

Hey guys, let's take a selfie Vader won't know! I don't watch star wars but I found this super cool

Tão simples, quanto parece!

Poster AMOR SEM FAVOR de Flávio Wetten Life On A Draw! Desenhos

Não use a força em!?!?

Desenhos Nerds – #17

"Please don't use the Force" Star Wars sign could be used for PLC 'forces' stating do not use because they are a serous safety risk.

O mundo precisa de heróis

Na Era Geek!!

Love the idea From another pinner: Minimalistic Super Heroes. Well I've been trying to figure out on how to go about my geek quilt. And now I am inspired. It will be cross stitch n patchwork. (It will of course have many other things)

Justice League - Minimalist poster

Justice League - Minimalist

Disléxico descobre talento no desenho  Vicent Low, nascido na Malásia, é esse jovem que está na ilustração acima – feita por ele mesmo. Ele é mais um caso de um talento salvo apesar do massacre da família e da escola.

Disléxico descobre talento no desenho

Movie Legend by illustrator Vince Low Illustrations Scribble Drawing

Os Mestres | Zona Nerd                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Funny pictures about The four masters. Oh, and cool pics about The four masters. Also, The four masters.

The X-Files - I Want To Believe Print poster

The X-Files - I Want To Believe Print

Friends Infographic Pôster

Friends Infographic

Friends TV Show Infographic Poster iPosters From Definitely just said all these lines the way the characters do