Thalita Fernando Miguel

Thalita Fernando Miguel

Thalita Fernando Miguel
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Mugtail cat. to my crafty potter friends!  I want one!  you know how to find me

Bringing you a fairy-tail story. Just like forest animals out of a fairy tale! Their feathery tails are on matte finished mugs, so Mugtail succeeds in bringing an elegant atmosphere. The size is designed to match the animal motif.

Star Wars Characters and Ships Chocolate by TorisPartyKitchen

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi master chef used the Force to create dynamic gear for the kitchen. These amazing tools, known

Nail Shapes & At-Home Manicure Tips

Some shapes are less prone to breakage, such as rounded, square with rounded corners and square oval. Other shapes will actually weaken your nail but look really fun like almond and pointed.