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Buckeye butterfly, hand embroidered. Georgie K Emery
someone is holding up a cross - stitch hoop with the words it's not much, but it's home
Splitcoaststampers : Card Making, Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafting
a table topped with lots of glass plates filled with different types of birds on them
14 People Who Turned Embroidery Into Masterpieces
three embroidered brain images on black fabric, one with silver nail polish and the other with pink
Precise Images of Human Anatomy Deftly Rendered in Punch Needle by Amber Griffiths — Colossal
three embroidered hoops with flowers on them, one depicting the human heart and another showing the brain
a bird on a branch with red flowers and leaves hanging from it's side
Chinese suxiu embroidery stitchwork fan
a hand holding a cross stitch autumn leaf pattern
Revista de ilustração e cultura visual Zupi
a person holding up a cross stitch art piece with two people hugging each other on it
HeYY 😢💖 (@Potasiooo) on X
a butterfly sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to a person's hand
Embroidery Artist Katerina Marchenko - ARTWOONZ
an embroidery project is being displayed on a table
Hand Embroidery By Katerina Marchenko
a close up of a cross stitch pattern in a hoop
Hand Embroidery By Katerina Marchenko
a drawing of a woman's face is shown on the side of a wall
artwork_in_studio on Twitter