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six different posters with the names of various cities in spanish and english, each featuring an image of a building
Designer cria proposta de rebranding para a cidade de São Paulo - Sala7design
cartazes - achei bacana a ideia de utilizar fotos de prédios "antigos" com cores e pouco texto, saindo da linha do clássico.
an image of a collage of different people's faces and words on them
Redkroft’s identity for the Warsaw Ghetto Museum captures the Polish capital’s brutal WW2 separation — The Brand Identity
black and white photo collage with the words portillo on it
优秀作品集封面教程,看完你也能拥有同款封面 – 马克笔设计留学
a pink book with the number two on it's cover is opened to reveal an informational text
Kontroll — Wie neue Medien Denken und Handeln unbewusst beeinflussen
an orange and white brochure with the words jose mourano on it
Inspiração Editorial: Publicação Ego • Designerd
an open book with green lettering on the front and back cover, sitting on top of a white surface
ROMA flowers shop | Branding
an open brochure with blue and orange colors
CNC Counsel Profile Company