Rosa centifolia, cabbage rose by Pierre-Joseph Redouté from his publication Choix des plus belles fleurs (The Most Beautiful Flowers),

Mediterranean Houses White Wallpaper by Cole & Son. A Fornasetti wallpaper depicting villas in black and white with occasional gilded dome roofs.

Illustrations by Helen Dardik / On the blog!

Colorful illustrations by Helen Dardik

Being creative is necessary! Life is to short. That's the statement of Ukraine born & Canada based illustrator Helen Dardik.

Botanical illustration. #ilustración #plantas

Botanical illustration by Sanny van Loon plants herbs twigs flora pattern watercolor

Maria Eimmart, 17th century illustrations

Maria Clara Eimmart Phase of the Moon, Phases of Venus, Aspects of Jupiter, Aspect sof Saturn, late century / collection of images curated by S Ellcock