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A beleza da imperfeição em tatuagens

Striking Sketch Tattoos by Inez Janiak Polish tattoo artist Inez Janiak creates stunningly imperfect tattoos glorify incomplete lines and raw sketches permanently etched onto the flesh.

Drag Ink, Estados Unidos

Spring is upon us, and summer isn't far behind it, meaning floral printed everything is officially necessary, and that includes tattoos as well.

"Lumus"- Harry Potter.

33 Harry Potter Tattoos That Are Portkeys To Your Childhood

10 Delicados Tatuajes De Harry Potter Que Sólo Los Verdaderos Potterheads Entenderán

Circle Tattoo Design Means That Taking Full Responsibility Of Your Life Is Obvious

These 'Harry Potter' Tattoos Are All Kinds of Magical - And we mean magical in every sense of the word. - Photos

These 'Harry Potter' Tattoos Are All Kinds of Magical

Mini Black Temporary Tattoo Set

Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoo Set

Miniature Black Tattoos - 6 Tattoos Per Sheet For a more subtle or discrete look try our Mini Black Temporary Tattoos. You get 6 symbols or icon tattoos per sheet for a total of 72 individual Mini Tat

Amor de namorado, irmão, mãe e amiga. Toda forma de amor vale!

Tattoos are created by injecting ink through into the skin. Tattoo artists accomplish this by using an electric powered tattoo gun that almost sounds like the drill a dentist uses. The tattoo gun has a needle that moves up and down,

Love these, but the top one with the feather should read "Wingardium Leviosa"

Harry Potter Tattoos Ideas- I like the idea of these but "expecto patronum" has nothing to do woth the feather; I think the spell they were looking for was "wingardium leviosa".

Tatuagens nerds com efeito aquarela e traços finos | Nerd Da Hora

Orlando Tattoo Artist - Russell Van Schaick - skilled in illustrative, animated, new school, and watercolor tattoos.


Now, I fancy myself a Gryffindor, but this would be one bad ass tattoo. I literally gasped when I saw this. 《 what has your damn house to do with being a death eater?

Toda a magia de Hogwarts nestas tatuagens de Harry Potter | Tinta na Pele

Toda a magia de Hogwarts nestas incríveis tatuagens de Harry Potter

Toda a magia de Hogwarts nestas tatuagens de Harry Potter | Tinta na Pele

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#tattoo #colour #tattoocolour #butterfly #little #small #tatuagem #colorida #tatuagemcolorida #borboleta #pequena #delicada #delicate #feminina #elvirabono