Memorial Garden Trees

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Remember your loved one all year long with a beautiful tree you can plant in the perfect location in your backyard or garden space. Use this gorgeous memorial to remember them as you enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Look beyond the flower arrangements and potted plant gifts to a uniquely personal memorial tree gift that will help your family and friends to remember your lost loved one for years to come.

The Comfort Company, Inc.
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Memorial Tree Seedlings | Dogwood

Plant trees in memory of a loved one: CHINESE DOGWOOD Among the hardiest of flowering dogwoods available. Covered with 3" to 5" white blossoms in late spring. Lustrous, medium green leaves cover the delicate limb structure of multi-stemmed shrub, or with training small tree to 20 feet. In late summer, raspberry-like red fruit hangs from the branches. Growth habit: 6" to 10" per year. Zone 5-8. Low Temp. Tolerance to : -20 degrees F. Don't know your hardiness zone? Click here!

Tree Memorials | Japanese Red-Leaf Maple

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Plant a Living Memorial: Sweetgum Memorial Tree

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Memorial Tree Planting | Northern Red Oak

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Plant a Tree Memorial | Deodara Cedar Gift Tree

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Memorial Gift Trees | Ginkgo Seedling in Gift Box

Plant a living memory! Send a memorial tree instead of cut funeral flower arrangements for a gift that will last a lifetime.