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Spider-Man...peter parker

This outstanding piece of Spider-Man art was created by Cecile Morvan, and it features Spidey taking some pictures in Paris. I really love this Spider-Man classic look. Thanks to XombieDirge for the heads up on this illustration.

Spiderman and Venon

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Symbiote (Pencil by Emil Cabaltierra, Ink & Flats by Vanessa, & Color by Casey Gallant)

Na Taverna (@DVPATaverna) | Twitter

Na Taverna (@DVPATaverna) | Twitter

Quando o flash apareceu pela primeira vez nas histórias em quadrinhos em 1940, ele não vestia o escarlate clássico e traje do ouro. Em vez d...

Infographic: Fascinating Costume Evolution Of ‘The Flash’ Over The Last 75 Years