Looking for some starters? Look no further than these delicious appetizer recipes. Party appetizers and small gathering appetizers, too!
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tomatoes, cheese and herbs are on top of bread
Perfect Marinated Tomatoes with Mozzarella
a bowl filled with lasagna and tortilla chips on top of a marble table
Hot Honey Roasted Feta
Roasted feta, drenched in a sea of hot honey is EXACTLY the appetizer that a laid back Friday night needs, and also happens to be exactly what I’m whipping up in my kitchen (little) right now. It’s on the blog if you need a great (easy and fast) app idea, just 🔍 roasted feta. #feta #hothoney
hawaiian sliders with bacon mayonnaise are on a white plate and in the foreground, there is another sandwich
Hawaiian Sliders with Bacon Mayo
These Hawaiian Sliders with Bacon Mayo are the perfect appetizer for the big game! #superbowl #superbowlfood #superbowlappetizers #gamedayappetizers #appetizerrecipes #sliders #bacon
this is an image of a plate of food with cheese and broccoli on it
Artichoke Parmesan Dip
This Artichoke Parmesan Dip Recipe is super easy to make and great for parties, game-day or holidays. A creamy cold dip made with artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese is the ultimate appetizer.
3 ingredient pesto goat cheese dip with carrots and celery
3-Ingredient Pesto Goat Cheese Dip
This 3-Ingredient Pesto Goat Cheese Dip is the easiest make-ahead appetizer (or snack) ever! Pairs perfectly with veggie sticks, crackers, on burgers, pizza, and comes together in less than 5 minutes!
garlic bread cut into squares on a white plate with the words gruyere garlic bread above it
Gruyere Garlic Bread Recipe
Regular cheese bread is good, but cheesy gruyere garlic bread fresh from the oven takes deliciousness to a whole new level.
deviled eggs topped with bacon and green peppers
Jalapeño Bacon Deviled Eggs
These jalapeño bacon deviled eggs are a jazzed-up version of the classic! Perfect for an easy Easter dinner appetizer, a fun add on for Mother's day brunch or a quick and healthy weekday snack! Only 155 calories for 2 egg halves! {} #deviledeggs #eggs #easter #appetizer #weightwatchers #smartpoints #mothersday #brunch #snack #healthysnack #easyappetizer #jalapeno #bacon #cutsandcrumbles
spinach and cheese muffins on a white plate
Spinach Feta Pinwheels
Spinach Feta Pinwheels
beer battered onion rings on a plate with dipping sauce
Beer Battered Onion Rings with Dipping Sauce will become your next obsession! A quick and easy 7-ingredient batter makes these onion rings so crispy and flavorful. Dip in a 6-ingredient sweet lime mayo sauce to taste a slice of heaven! Pin this appetizer recipe for later!
pulled pork nachos in a cast iron skillet
A family favorite appetizer packed with flavor! Pulled Pork Nachos come together in minutes. Layers of chips, cheese, and pulled pork are topped with the most important ingredients - BBQ Sauce and White Sauce. You probably won't have any leftovers! Save this and try it!
a person holding an egg with some kind of food on it and the words easy healthy classic deviled eggs
Paleo Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe | Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free
Healthy Deviled Eggs are a favorite appetizer easily made from hard-boiled eggs. This low-carb and keto friendly appetizer is loaded with a creamy yolk filling that is made with mayonnaise, mustard, fresh dill, and paprika. Perfect for Easter, and all your parties and gatherings this Summer. This recipe is easy to make and can easily be made Paleo, too! #eggs #devileggs #appetizer #paleo #keto
a bowl filled with whipped cream next to an orange and some other food on a table
Creamy Whipped Feta
Gluten Free Whipped Feta Dip - It's Not Complicated Recipes #feta #cheese #greek #greeksalad #dip #canapes #appetisers #sides #glutenfree
some shrimp and guacamole cups on a cutting board with the words grilled lime shrimp cups
Chili Lime Shrimp Cups
Chili Lime Shrimp Cups! These easy shrimp bites are made with chili lime shrimp and homemade guacamole. These are perfect for game day! #cookingformysoul
this is an image of marinated cucumber salad
Marinated Cucumber Salad
Marinated Cucumber Salad - an quick salad recipe that you can make ahead and it tastes even better the next day! #cucumberrecipes #cucumbersaladvinegar #easysalads #makeaheadsalads
This Asiago Dip recipe is an updated, lighter version of a traditional artichoke dip. It disappears every time we have it – a definite sign that you should make it for your next party. #dips #appetizers #artichoke #cheese Parties, Dessert
Asiago Dip Recipe- Garnish with Lemon
This Asiago Dip recipe is an updated, lighter version of a traditional artichoke dip. It disappears every time we have it – a definite sign that you should make it for your next party. #dips #appetizers #artichoke #cheese