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a glass vase with flowers in it sitting on a metal table that is shaped like an oval
40 Genius Coffee Table Ideas To Copy - Bored Art
two different colored chairs sitting next to each other on a white surface with green and blue speckles
EcoPixel | Furniture Fusion
a black and white chair sitting on top of a metal frame
Say hi to the Precious Plastic Universe
a desk made out of magazines on top of a wooden floor
two stools made out of books sit on the floor in front of a table
two pictures of the inside of a library with books stacked on top of each other
TU Delft Architecture Library Desk– | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
a store with shelves filled with food and drinks on the walls, in front of a counter
two people working on laptops in a library
AUÁ arquitetos Offices - Maringá | Office Snapshots
a room with wooden shelving and plants on the shelves, including a potted plant
the bookshelf is made out of plywood and has plants growing on it