Dublin Attractions

Of course we love Dublin! What a great city with so much to see and do. We've pinned some of our fave things here...
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the inside of a shopping mall with lots of lights and plants on display in it
St Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin
a bridge over a river with buildings on both sides and the sun setting in the distance
Dublin, Ireland. A must visit stop when touring Ireland. Contact us to plan your customized Ireland itinerary #Irelandtravelspecialist
a body of water surrounded by lush green trees
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St. Stephens Green, Dublin.
an old building with columns and pillars on the side of it, next to a blue fence
National Museum Dublin. One of my favorite museums in the world and a place I was lucky enough to intern at.
a statue of two people standing next to each other on a brick sidewalk with trees in the background
The Famine Memorial. Dublin by Jaime GP / 500px
The emigrant sculptures are in memory of the native Irish who were forced into emigration during the Great Famine years. Between 1845 and 1852 over a million left Ireland to escape starvation.
an old sailing ship is docked in the harbor at sunset, with other buildings behind it
Docks, Dublin, Ireland
a statue of a man with his mouth open sitting in front of a tree and grass area
James Joyce at St Stephen's Green, Dublin
a pier next to the water at night with lights on and buildings in the background
The fact that ill be here in may...Dublin, Ireland
a bridge that is over some water at night
Movies for the Weekend: Play the Film Game
HaPenny Bridge - Dublin, Ireland
a bridge over a body of water with buildings in the background
Dublin, Ireland
a statue of a man with a cane and hat on a sidewalk in front of a store
Ireland landmarks | Dublin Landmarks - James Joyce | IRELAND
black and white photograph of bicycles parked on cobblestone walkway in front of old buildings
Trinity College Dublin by Paul Lanigan / 500px
500px / Photo "Trinity College Dublin" by Paul Lanigan
an old tree in the middle of a flower bed with flowers around it and a building in the background
Catedral de St. Patrick, Dublin, Ireland.
a bridge that is over some water with buildings on the other side and people walking across it
Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland #visitdublin