Gabriel Abib

Gabriel Abib

"A finalidade única da existência humana é a de ascender uma Luz na escuridão do ser." - Carl G. Jung
Gabriel Abib
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An illustration of alchemy from century Europe. Many who try to become spiritually awakened are unaware that sex is essential for enlightenment. To awaken consciousness in its return to its origin is a long process, which is done by using sexual energy


"Kundalini (the magical power of the human organism) is awakened only by will, and blood is the vehicle of the spirit. The pineal gland is the channel of direct spiritual energy and can be motivated by constant self-enquiry.


phreemessen: “From the first text of the Corpus Hermeticum we are struck by the fact that Hermes reflected on the essential things and that his Spirit-Soul lifted itself up. You should pay attention.