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Reading Rune Stones is truly amazing - they offer incredible personal insights. I make my own sets from smooth oval stones collected from a local beach.

Theese are NOT viking runes. They are an older Rune alphabet, from around year 500 and earlier. They are called the elder futhark. The viking Rune alphabets have usually only 16 runes and there are several different alphabets from that time.

How To Spot A Trained Fighter by PhiTuS

More tips on how to make your character look like a trained fighter. - The first one is debatable. I'm not implying that every trained fighter does exac. How To Spot A Trained Fighter

#Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques by PhiTuS on DeviantArt

MORE INFO: Poor trigger discipline in Pulp Fiction: The Mozambique Drill in Collateral& you should keep your distance: Modern Technique of the Pistol: Another reason why you should keep your dis.

The Guns Mini-Tutorial: More About Reloading by on @DeviantArt:

A rather unconventional technique for handgun (and debatably, long gun) shooting. You may have seen Sam Fisher use it in the recent Splinter Cell games. The Guns Mini-Tutorial: Center Axis Relock

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These 26 Survival Hacks and Tips Could Save Your Life One Day - Must Know Survival Tricks

Funny pictures about 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life. Oh, and cool pics about 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life. Also, 19 Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life photos.