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Vida Longa e Próspera!!

The Big Bang Theory Spock Doll: What is the purpose of a toy? Sheldon: To be played with. Spock Doll: Therefore to not play with it would be. Damn it, Spock, you're right.

Richards - dark rimmed glasses, grey cardigan, striped maroon tie, black and white gingham, ochre pant

This outfit is ridiculously cute! The original pinner critiqued the purple tie/mustard pant combo. siting too much color. I disagree. (or maybe brown instead of grey.

Novíssimos X-Men - Dois mutantes se juntam a equipe em nova fase da Marvel! - Legião dos Heróis

On Free Comicbook Day this year, Kamala Khan gets to Assemble the Avengers and I get to die happy>>> lucky you we Asians get old versions of comics date back to the while you get the newer ones. I hope they can send this issue to Asia.