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the water is blue and green with white swirls
Moskstraumen maelstrom, Norway Maelstroms are systems of tidal whirlpools. One of the most famous examples, and the second most powerful of its kind, is the Moskstraumen system, which is located off the Lofoten Islands on the mid-north coast of Norway. The strongest currents occur between July and August and can be seen by tourists on a boat trips - from a safe distance.
two ducks swimming in the water near each other
Panoramio - Photo of Saltstraumen
The Saltstraumen Maelstrom - Norway is the trongest tidal current in the world, as the water moves through narrow bits of the fjords. Description from I searched for this on
a black and white photo of fireworks in the night sky with text that reads, family changing d whittaker
Watch sphagnum moss in action | Science News
the sun is shining over some white eggs on the beach
Ice Eggs, Thousands Of Balls Of Ice Cover Beach In Finland, Due To A Phenomenon That Occurs When Ice Are Rolled Over By Water And Wind
three large rocks sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a dirt road
Trovants Are The Mysterious ‘Living’ Stones Of Romania
there are stones in roman called travas that grow and multiply after heavy rain shower
The Mysterious Living Stones of Romania: They Grow and Move | Geology In
four different views of trees and water in the same photo, each with their own reflection
The Phenomenon Of "Crown Shyness" Where Trees Avoid Touching — Colossal
Destructive Rain Bombs, magical
Extremely rare Ball Lightning
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fireworks are lit up in the night sky above an open field with grass and trees
Red sprite over Oklahoma | Earth | EarthSky
Red sprite over Oklahoma, caught by Paul Smith on October 6. Visit Dramatic sky photography by Paul Smith on Facebook.
the sky is filled with colorful swirls as it sits on top of a tree
Aurora Vortex. A Rare Astronomical Phenomenon.
a group of mushrooms growing on the side of a tree
Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus
Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus - Scientific American
a ring is seen in the sky over trees and grass as it appears to be an object
Breathtaking triple solar halos over Argentina - Strange Sounds