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Spider Man Chillin by

Would you look at that, a real live Spider Man Okay truth time, at Denver Comic Con this year, they had wall laying on the ground for people to do scenes on. Someone was there representing Photobuc.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Set Images. Police getting a picture with Andrew

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photo. Andrew Garfield takes a picture with policemen

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Set Photos - Spidey Goes Shopping — GeekTyrant

Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos that were taken all the way back in February, were recently discovered online. They feature Andrew Garfield, dressed in his Spidey costume, shopping for groceries at Sonny’s Grocery in Hell’s Kitchen.

The Amazing Spiderman 2

The latest 'Amazing Spider-Man featurette highlights Oscorp, while new concept art and images show the evil 'empire' and its creations - Rhino and Electro.

EW’s Comic-Con ‘13 Star Portraits: Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan - The Amazing Spiderman 2

Comic-Con Star Portraits - Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield, and Dane DeHaan, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Andrew Garfield, Amazing Spider, Spiderman, Spider Man