Tiago Monteiro

Tiago Monteiro

toco guitarra electrica e gosto de filmes de terror. a minha musica favorita vai desdo heavy metal ao rock classico.
Tiago Monteiro
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John Harris

John Harris born 1948 in London, England is a British painter and illustrator, best known for working in the science fiction genre. His paintings have been used on book covers for many science fiction.

"Video game advertisement done right"

EVE Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Space Game - EVE Online


Size Comparison - Science Fiction spaceships by *DirkLoechel on deviantART I am a huge nerd.but not nearly as nerdy as the guy who put this together. Every ship compared by size in all major sci-fi.

http://all-images.net/fond-ecran-gratuit-hd-science-fiction109/ Check more at http://all-images.net/fond-ecran-gratuit-hd-science-fiction109/

EVE Online is one of the most complex MMOs on the market at the moment, but the development team at CCP, the Finish company which handles developmen.

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At the Capcom Japan site, they've started a Monster Hunter Club which has been running art contests. They're taking a similar approach to our very own Mega Man art contests.