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Clocks are extremely useful and sometimes they can be extremely beautiful, too. To commemorate some of the most important dates, times, or just the briefness of life some people opt to get clock t.

Quem ama lobos? Tatuagem feita por @andrefelipetattoos ❤️

As we mentioned above, today we’re going to satisfy our ink hunger with the most beautiful wolf tattoo designs that the internet has ever seen

A.D. Pancho - Buscar con Google

The No Eyes Girl tattoo on Leg by Ad Pancho shows us the girl, who's soul is as emty as her eyes are.

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Tattoo idea ~Wolf Wisdom~ Their paw prints lead you along trails of discovery and insight. To look in their eyes forever imprints your heart. To hear their howl forever marks your soul. To connect with them, forever bonds your spirits.