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the letter m is made out of cardboard and taped together with tape to make it look like
Touch & Feel Letters
Touch & Feel Letters with FREE printable templates!
two children are playing with letters and numbers on the table, while one child is placing them
FUN Back to School Games for Kindergarten
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several different pictures with words in them and the names of each word, including one that is
Easy Name Activities for Preschool
Are you looking for easy name practice activities for your preschoolers? Use these simple, homemade name activities as a morning activity when your preschoolers first come to school or set them up for practice at the literacy center. Students get to practice spelling their name with a hands-on approach. Students get to use their fine motor skills as they manipulate the letters. This is also a great letter identification activity as well. Enjoy these DIY name activities today!
colorful pencils with letters and numbers on them
Building letters with foam blocks - Gift of Curiosity
an alphabet poster is shown with the words, directions and templates
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Environmental print alphabets are the perfect way to make letter identification relevant and fun for your students. Learn how to quickly and easily make your own environmental print alphabet!
Letter identification activity Preschool Literacy, Literacy Activities, Learning Activities
Make an Alphabet Tube
Letter identification activity
the letters and numbers are made out of legos to spell their name in this game
Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten
several different types of letters and numbers are shown in this collage with the title creative ways to learn & practice letters
Creative and Engaging Ways to Teach Letter Recognition
a hand pointing at a roll and read game on a wooden table with a red dice
How to Teach the Alphabet
letter matching memory game for kids with spoons and spoons in different colors, on a blue background
Preschool Letter Matching Game - Planning Playtime
Letter Recognition Activity: Alphabet Sticker Sorting Easy Low-Prep Preschool Activity
crayon name puzzles for kids to make
Crayon Name Craft For Kids – A Fun Name Practice Activity
Use these fun editable crayon name puzzles to work on name recognition and a variety of literacy activities with your kids. Your class will love these personalized printable puzzles. Use them in your preschool, pre-k and kindergarten class to work on name recognition, alphabet knowledge, letter recognition and learning a variety of pre-literacy skills. Perfect for your literacy centers. #preschool #nameactivities #alphabetactivities
a metal tray with magnets on it and letters scattered around the letter's
5 Ways To Use Magnetic Letters & Free Printables