School-Age Summer Activities

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a little boy that is sitting at a table with some paper and scissors in his hand
More Pictures of the Messiest Project Ever
Dip cups in black paint, press on paper to make design, let dry, then paint inside the spaces
toothbrush holder made out of marshmallows and sticks
How to Make a Marshmallow Catapult
EASY MARSHMALLOW CATAPULTS | these are so much fun! DIY #marshmallow #catapults are a perfect way to keep the kids busy and having fun when it's too cold to go out and play. #kids #craft #educational
an art project made with colored paper and crayons
Inspiration for an upcoming project
a patriotic handprint craft made with red, white and blue paper
12 Patriotic Crafts Perfect For Memorial Day
Patriotic Handprint: Get inspired with this fun patriotic handprint craft from B-Inspired Mama. Help lil ones by painting the flag onto their hands, or let older tots be in charge of painting the flag themselves.Source: B-Inspired Mama
an open book with pictures and writing on it
Kids Crafts: Photography for Kids - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts
child's photo diary: I think my boys would love this! Will probably do a "normal" week and then special times (camp, fair, etc.). This would also be fun to do at various times throughout the year, not just summer vacation.
there is a stack of multicolored ice creams on top of each other
Use the Heat of the Sun to melt crayon bits into new crayons perfect for kids to hold. This is a great lesson in Science too
several different types of handmade ornaments on a green surface
Foil Pendant Craft for Kids - Make and Takes
You could use this for just about any theme! Just replace the string with a pin. I would also outline the color sections with black Sharpie, as well.
a bunch of cups that are on top of a white board with pink and purple circles
{carnival birthday party}
Ping Pong Toss. Solo cups that are glued to a board (that sits at an angle).
a bucket filled with colorful marshmallows on top of a table
Link Love: Last-minute summer ideas - The Mombot
PP- Kid games: Sponge balls. Results- This looks like a Gobstopper, great prop for our Willy Wonka party! It was fun for a moment with the older kids as a toss game. Can't wait to soak them and platy with them this summer. Cheap and easy.
children sitting at a table with paper rockets
Water Rockets - My Insanity
Water Rockets. Either have all the kids (young & old) decorate the rockets together, and then shoot them off as a group. OR, split up older and smaller kids and have the younger kids do a non-water rocket.
a small glass jar sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a sign that says chickie basu
The Nerdy Farm Wife Website
Alka Seltzer Rocket – Science Experiment -- older kids build a couple, launch for the group.
a printable nature scavenger hunt with a green pen on top of it
Have a nature hike early in the week and go over some basic wilderness skills. Waycross could make this more educational. Bring back poison ivy! JK!!
there are many different colored glass objects on the white tablecloth, and one has a ring in it's center
Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: how to make Mosaic Stones.......LOVE this idea!!!! Great Summer project for older kids or younger with help. We will definitely do this one.....
there are many different pictures with the words bejaa on them and some paint
38 Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Out of the House This Summer
Outdoor Activities For Kids This Summer