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65 trendy sport running runners tips #sport
Building a running base is essential for all runners before beginning any training plan. Spending time base building training is essential for preventing injuries and remaining strong. Here are some of the best ways for beginners to build a running base and start running with ease! #runningbase #beginnerrunners #runningforbeginners


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Back And Bicep Workout, Back Workout Women, Biceps Workout, Chest Workout, Back And Biceps, Upper Body Workout, Bodyweight Workout, Hiit, Weekly Gym Workouts
148K views · 3K reactions | Full Back & Biceps Workout! | Try this workout with 6 of my most effective exercises for the back and biceps! | By Coach Tara Garrison | Alright, here we go. Three supersets for your biceps and your back. We're going to start with some biceps twenty-ones. So, that means we're going to do seven reps in the bottom half of a biceps curl. Seven reps on the top half and then, seven full reps of a biceps curl that's going to work our lengthen position, our shortened position and then, the full range of the biceps. These are really hard. I'm using a 30-pound easy bar here. You could also use dumbbells. Okay, we're going to superset that with some face pulls or chest pulls. What I'm going for here is how far I can squeeze my shoulder blades together to really work my traps, rhomboids, and all of my upper back muscles. So you're going to do these two exercises back to back. 10 to 15 reps per exercise. Three sets. Okay? Follow that same format here. We're going to do this is my kettlebell biceps tricep of terror. So it's 30 reps. Um I did ten with my the bell straight out of 45 degree angle. 10 hammer curls. That means your thumb is forward and then ten underhand ones like this. Super setting that with bent over rows. Again 10 to 15 reps per side. You want to really stretch out. Let your scapula or shoulder leg go down and then squeeze your elbow into your side to work your lats. Okay and then our last superset is some cable biceps curls. Notice my shoulder and my elbow are fixed in place to make my biceps do the work, okay? Make sure your elbows aren't going all over the place on these. Really squeeze into it. I'm doing 15 reps here and then, we're going to superset that with some straight arm lat pull downs. You want to really lengthen out and then squeeze down and bring that bar to your thighs. Okay, three sets again and yeah, enjoy.
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136K views · 2.8K reactions | One of the most basic human positions we all need to work to be able to be in! #squat #mobility #personaltrainer #fitness | By Coach Tara Garrison | Alright, guys. Today's tutorial is very simple but it's very very important and very effective and it's this, can you sit like this? Try it right now. See if you can keep your heels on the ground and sit like this for an extended amount of time. Can you do that or are you, are your heels getting off the floor and you're falling over or your knees are like, oh my gosh, you can't do it. Okay. So, this is one of the simplest ways to see what kind of restrictions you have in your lower body and to help alleviate those restrictions. We want to be gentle of course if you have knee problems. You're going to want to be careful and go slow into it. Some of you, this is all you got and and that's it right now. You need to get no chiropractor, sports massage therapist. You need to take care of your body. This is the only body that's going to take you all the way through til the day that you die. Take care of it. Don't go get oil changes and tune ups on your car and not your freaking body, okay? So, this is the first thing. I want you to work into being able to stay like this for two minutes straight, okay? You're going to become very aware. You might feel some tightness in your hips, knees, ankles and if you can't get into this yet without your ankles coming off of the ground, you might only be able to come in here and hold the counterbalance like this and slowly, gently work your way into being able to get lower, lower, lower, lower, lower and eventually like this. This is going to help keep our hips open, alleviate any tightness through the knees, slowly like stretch out our calves, increase our ankle mobility and if you're really limited on this, probably have to do extra work but there is there's so much are so many free resources online on how to increase ankle mobility, right? So, that is a common thing as feet I see especially in men but you can help increase it simply by sitting like this, okay? So, work your way into it when you're at home, work on your laptop or something. Put it on a coffee table. Practice sitting like this. As humans, if we lived outside, we would be like this all the time. We'd be like okay? And it's a very important position for our body to be able to sit in and if you can't do that, you to think about adding weight to your squats. So you're trying to come here and you're like this and now you're trying to do like barbell back squats. God forbid you're going to get injured. Okay? So my plea today is for you to start being able to sit in a deep squat slowly working your way into it. Okay? And yes again if you have like you don't want to push yourself to the point of pain. It might be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable's good. Like I'm hurting myself is not good. That's too far. So gently work your way into this. But just want to push you guys to be sitting in that deep squat position more often it helps lengthen out the lower back keep our core tight our hips can be more open our knees have more flexibility our ankles have more flexibility mobility so really important thing to add into your daily life okay bye guys.
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Gluteus Medius, Real Quick, Garrison, Muscle Men, Diy Outdoor, Outdoor Seating, Glutes, Tara
482K views · 7.5K reactions | Ain’t no such thing as an “underbutt muscle” guys. 😂 Watch this to understand how your glute muscles work! #glutes #gluteusmaximus #gluteusmedius... | By Coach Tara Garrison | Okay, want to clear something up real quick because I am like a little bit appalled that this day and age, we still have people out there teaching things like how to work your underbutt, okay? So, let's talk about this and what that really means, okay? There's no such thing as an underbutt muscle, okay? You don't have like an extra muscle right here that's your underbutt. If you are trying to work on the lower part of your glutes, all of this, all of this is your gluteus maximus, okay? So, if you're trying to more glute growth right here. You want to work your glute max, okay? Then we have our, I actually heard somebody on TikTok saying that like your underbutt was your glute medius and I'm like, no dude or I think they said glute minimus. Those are up here, okay? So, what do these things do? Once you know what they do, then you can train them, right? So, I want to teach you guys that. So, your glute max. One of the strongest muscles in your body is responsible for hip extension. So, right here, my hips are flexed. This is called hip flexion, okay? And the glutes, max is responsible for hip extension, okay? So, coming here in a loaded position, weight is in your heels, coming up to hip extension or running, sprinting where you're extending your hips, those are going to work your glute max, right? So, deadlifts are great, right? We're going to come here, weights in your heels. Boom. Going into hip flexion. Real quick side note on that. People ask all the time. Do I need to squeeze my butt at the top. Think about it. If your glute max is responsible for hip extension and this is actually the easiest part on your glutes. Just squeezing it like that. I mean, So, I'm doing a lot. You know what I mean? It's good to squeeze sometimes so you can increase your nervous system connection. Your neuronal connection to your glute muscles but like this is not where the exercise is getting the benefit. It's getting the benefit back here where it's loaded and you have to come out of flexion into extension, okay? So, just stand up. Okay. Glute medius is responsible for helping you abduct and externally rotate, okay? So, as your glute minimus runs underneath of that, they're up here. So, doing like XB walks intentionally not I'm not working my glute you want to I can even put a band right here but intentionally stepping out like like that will start working my glute media so abduction type movements but remember those are they're really important to help stabilize your your entire pelvis you want to work those too but remember they're up here they're not your underbutt okay so anything if you're trying to work this whole big huge portion of booty. That's glute max, okay? No such thing as an underbutt. Okay, bye guys.