Relaxing Outdoor Furniture

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These relaxing outdoor furniture trends from include the best hammocks, summer patio furniture and other designs for making the most of the sun
The Barristro Outdoor Chairs Combine Quirky Style with Stability #backyard

Wacky Weatherproof Wiggle Seats

Outdoor Chairs - Although they may look completely windblown and distorted, the Barristro outdoor chairs are actually completely weatherproof and excellent solution...

The Curved Chair Design of the Perillo is Swirled and Sculptural #backyard

Mobius Strip Seating

Curved Chair Design - Like a piece of ribbon twisted into the continuous loop of a Mobius strip, the Little Perillo chair features the curved chair design that makes the...

Enjoy Modern Day Mother Nature with Mocha’s Outdoor-Ready Tech #backyard

Solar-Paneled Patio Umbrellas

solar panelled - Humans have been trying to combine the comfort of home with the beauty of the outdoors for quite some time. But no matter how technologically advan...

The Skycycle Parasol Adjusts is Exposure to Complement Conditions #backyard

Transforming 24-Hour Umbrellas

The Skycycle Parasol - You might generally associate the requirement of an umbrella when shelter is needed from either the sun or the rain. The Skycycle Parasol, however,...

The Novogratz Brasil Collection for CB2 Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors #backyard

Crocheted Patio Swings

Crocheted Patio Swings - If you’re looking to spruce up your patio area for this summer’s festivities, some crocheted patio swings could totally transform your ...

The Haze Chair Embodies a Casual Combo of Materials for a Cozy Seat #backyard

Fishnet Outdoor Furnishings

Haze Chair - Outdoor furniture is notorious for being uncomfortable, and it is often so because it must be sturdy and generally hardwearing. The Haze Chair meet...

The Pebble Coffee Table is Perfect for a Minimalist Backyard Look #backyard

Spherically Smooth Patio Decor

Pebble Coffee Table - One of the best parts about the warm weather is being able to finally decorate your outside patio with some sleek furniture, and if you’re lo...

Stay Warm While Outdoors with the Umbrella Pole Patio Heater #backyard

Shading Space Warmers

Patio Heater - Experience the most comfort while relaxing outside on the patio with the Umbrella Pole Patio Heater. During warm and sunny days, a patio umbrella...

The 'Zero Gravity Hammock Chair' Can Swing in All Directions #backyard

Luxuriously Levitating Loungers

Zero Gravity Hammock Chair - If you’re looking for some relaxing outdoor furniture pieces to add to your home this summer, then the ‘Zero Gravity Hammock Chair̵...

These Paper Art Photos Follow a Stick Figure on Real World Adventures #backyard

Stick Figure Adventure Art

stick figure - These whimsical stick figure-focused photos take viewers on a series of charming outdoor adventures. Artist Kouichi Chiba proves that all you need ...

Trinity's Hammock Design Features Three Hammocks in One Unit #backyard

Triple Relaxation Hammocks

hammock design - This hammock design incorporates three hammocks in one, letting three times as many people lounge at once. Gilbert Tourville, the founder and desig...

These Festive Summer Lights Will Brighten Up Your Backyard #backyard

Popsicle String Lights

Summer Lights - These festive summer lights will brighten up your yard with colorfully illuminated popsicles. These popsicle string lights are a great way to achie...

Scott Morrison Designs Rocking Chairs for Parents and Infants #backyard

Baby-Friendly Rocking Chairs

parents and infants - These baby focused rocking chairs were designed by Scott Morrison to accommodate both parents and infants. This charming wooden chair has a cradle ...

DePadova Redesigns the Director Chair as Outdoor Patio Furnishing #backyard

Sundance-Styled Seats

Director Chair - Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to call the shots, the Sundance chair by DePadova is designed after the typical director chair, inspiring ci...

The Ori Pendant Lamp Features a Textured Textile White Lamp Shade #backyard

Crumpled Cloud Lanterns

White Lamp Shade - Like cumulus clouds floating in the air, the Ori pendant lamp is a standout decor element for its interestingly textured white lamp shade that bill...

The Shadowy Chair Brings Curls, Color and Curiosity to Your Deck #backyard

Dr. Seuss Seating

Shadowy Chair - The Shadowy Chairs look more like the fictional furnishings from a children’s book than actual pieces of furniture; nevertheless, they do exi...