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WOVENWALL™ Rope Art Wall & Ceiling Panels
WOVENWALL™ Rope Panels are a modular, American-made decorative and sound-dampening solution for hotels, restaurants and resorts, delivering a memorable tactile experience to inspiring interiors.
How to mix polycrylic and stain to create a rich color that hides uneven wood tones and blemishes!
Did you know you can combine polycrylic with stain (yes oil and water!) to create a professional finish that covers wood blemishes and mismatched wood tones? I love this hack and the gorgeous professional finish it creates. I’ve used it on everything from my laundry room countertop to the frame on my DIY Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupe to the upholstered bench I built for our bedroom. Have you tried it before? Follow for more DIY tips! #diyhacks #woodworking #refinishedfurniture #diyfurniture #diytutorial
a woman sanding a table with an appliance on the screen and text that reads, what sandpaper grit to use
Woodworking Tips: Crafting Functional Furniture
Transform your woodworking projects into functional masterpieces! Learn tips for designing and crafting furniture that not only looks great but serves a purpose. #wood #1 #shorts #woodworking #pinterest
Missing Trim on Your Vintage Piece?! Try this hack!
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Hot glue gun • Hot glue gun sticks • Pam or any oil • Bondo or wood filler • Wood glue
a stair case with glass panels on the wall
a woman is working on the wall with fabric
How to Wallpaper Inside Picture Frame Molding | April Colleen
an empty room with blue tape on the floor and three boxes in front of it
Making Red Oak Flooring Look Great In 2022
a brown wall with vertical lines painted on it
Can Woodworking Be Profitable?
Woodworking can be a highly rewarding and profitable hobby or profession. With the right skills, tools, and mindset, it is possible to turn your love of woodworking into a successful business. Here are a few ways you can make woodworking profitable:
High end look for less using pole wrap & IKEA EKET cabinet. Credit @Abby Road Home
three potted plants on a table with the words rosemary topiaryes in them
DIY Rosemary Topiaries-Tutorial & Tips For Growing Your Own
Rosemary topiaries: 1. Take clippings, trim leaves from the stem off the bottom and set in water. Change water often & leave until you get roots. 2. Take your pots and fill the bottoms with rocks for drainage.3. Fill bottom with potting soil then add your rooted Rosemary - add more soil. Press soil lightly & water.Place in sun. Trim as needed.