BTS SG | this is gunna make me cry. AHH what is that first pic tbh ahaha he was cuter then. BUT HAHA STILL AMAZING NOW <3

I may die a happy happy army now [BTS Scenarios -

BTS wallpaper for phone

tae seriously kept on jumping and like leaping and drowning and, epilogue forever young and also in BSTears.he really is a fallen angel

Wallpaper | V | Run "Não me diga adeus, adeus"

BTS RUN Wallpaper ☆ Out of the billion of stars, you are the brightest ☆

New Wallpaper

Army has been tapping hearts on Vapp for the BTS comeback for two months now. Today we finally reached our goal of hearts! I'm so glad I got to be there myself and celebrate. Thank you all that participated in this mission!