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a statue of a girl holding a tray with coca cola on it
a lamp with a cartoon character on top of it and a light bulb attached to the base
Mickey Mouse, Children's Comics, Betty Boop Art, Minnie, Mickey, Animated Cartoon Characters
Betty Boop Graphics - Baby Betty
a little doll sitting on the ground with big eyes and black hair, wearing a red dress
💁Mi preciosa muñequita🙆
a figurine is standing next to a red fire hydrant and a lamp
a doll holding a teddy bear next to a small dog
three cases with cartoon characters on them, one is pink and the other is black
Pink Betty Boop - Phones & Telecommunications
a figurine of a woman with a guitar on top of a speaker box
Betty Boop Figurine Betty Rocks
Fimo, Pin Up, Idol, Statue, Disney Characters, Drake
a figurine is laying on the ground with her legs spread out and eyes wide open
Betty Boop Standard Figurines - Betty Boop Collection - Collectables
a doll is standing on top of a skateboard with a rope in her hand
a necklace with an image of a woman wearing a red dress and holding a rose
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