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a winnie the pooh figurine is holding a piggy in it's arms
Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jar, Winnie The Pooh Hugs Piglet, Multicolor
a small toy truck with a trailer attached to it's side and a dog riding in the back
Disney-Mickey & Friends Cookie Jars
an oreo cookie jar with cookies in it
a toy slot machine with a girl standing next to it's door and money in front of it
Lucky Betty Boop Cookie Jar
a statue of a man sitting next to a coca - cola machine with a coke bottle in his hand
What Is the Value of the McCoy Cookie Jar Collection?
a can of coca cola with water splashing on it's cap and bottom
Which Coca-Cola Cookie Jar Is Your Collection Missing?
a polar bear sitting on top of a bucket filled with coca - cola bottles and ice
Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar
an old fashioned coca cola machine with two polar bears
Coca Cola cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, teapots and other collectibles
a toy mcdonald's restaurant with cookies on the side and a cookie in front
Collectible Cookie Jars from Clark's Vintage Cookie Jars
an old fashioned coca - cola clock is on display
Which Coca-Cola Cookie Jar Is Your Collection Missing?