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an old dresser with flowers painted on it and the words, what do you think about this? yay or nay?
Milla's dresser for Ella
a decorative birdbath sitting on top of a flower bed next to a rock
12 Creative Crafts That Take Broken China From Trash to Treasure
Petal, Flower, Pink, Botany, Circle, Garden, Cut flowers, Artificial flower, Floral design, Craft,
the stairs are decorated with floral wallpapers and painted with pink flowers on them
Two Remarkable Customer Projects
a décliner avec un carrelage décalé, pas forcément en fleuri
three pink flowered clothes hangers on a blue background with the word pretty written below them
Day Dreaming 2/2/2012
three drawers are painted with flowers and birds
a dress made out of fabric on top of a piece of paper
Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed
Dishfunctional Designs: Vintage Handkerchiefs & Scarves Upcycled and Repurposed
a wreath made out of cloths hanging on the front door with flowers and ribbons around it
How To Make A Hankie Wreath - Bumblebee Linens
the floor is covered with many different types of fabrics
Step it up with a perfectly patterned porch:
Create a DIY Decoupage Shabby Chic Floor
The following is a quoted excerpt from the creators page (Bundy Shabby Shack) on Facebook as to how this look was achieved: FLOORS FABULOUS FLOORS “Ok so I have had alot of people asking me about how I have done my floors… • I sanded the floor boards, then used diy cc white chalk paint (2 coats). I then decoupaged with decorative napkins, sanded and distressed, then applied 3 coats of water based clear sealer. It was a big job but it looks amazing and its holding up very well! (I’m always shoving furniture around on it) • Any good wood glue will work, I used Bondcrete for the decoupage. There are many YouTube videos on how to decoupage with napkins online. • *Use any clear water based varnish for sealing I used Bondall monocel • *You can google how to make your own chalk paint