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colorful birdhouses and telephones on a table outside
a teapot shaped like a coffee pot with various items on it's shelf
The Apothecary teapot available in dark or light.
a porcelain tea set on display in a room
Royal Doulton Teapot Stall Teapot
a ceramic teapot shaped like a castle
a bathtub with two rubber ducks in it
Beverage Serving Supplies
a purple and black ceramic teapot with a hat on top
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a ceramic teapot with a sailor's hat on its head sitting on a table
a figurine of two dogs sitting on top of a teapot shaped like a woman's purse
Pardon Our Interruption...
two hand painted ceramic pots with handles and lids, one has an image of a woman on it
View Teapot decorative by CeramicsGerasimenko on Etsy
a teapot with a mickey mouse figurine on top
MICKEY MOUSE SOCERER DISNEY TEAPOT (Porcelain and Pottery-Teapots) at Laura's Dollhouses & Collectibles
a ceramic figurine that is wearing a dress and holding her arms out to the side
two ceramic figurines sitting next to each other
Ceramic artist Natalya Sots - Art Kaleidoscope