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a young man sitting on the ground with his hands in his pockets, wearing a black shirt and blue pants
a young man with blue hair wearing a black jacket and white shirt, holding his hand to his ear
》》ChanYeol | EXO 《《
a man standing in front of a crowd holding two fingers up
a young man standing in front of a poster with a cat on it's chest
a man with pink hair is sitting down
a person with grey hair and ear piercings
a young man is holding his luggage and walking down the street with cars behind him
170917 #Chanyeol airport -> to London Fashion Week <3
a black and white photo of a young man in a suit looking at the camera
Pourquoi moi ??!
Après avoir vécu un drame familial Luna décide de prendre sa vie en m… #fanfiction # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad
Taemin, Yixing, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun Chanyeol
a young man with pink hair sitting in a car and holding the steering wheel up to his face
Chanyeol Park
Korean Idol, Men, Exo Chanbaek
black and white photograph of a young man
a man in a suit and tie posing for a photo
EXO – Laman 9 – Psycho Friend's Blog
the young man is holding a microphone and wearing a flower in his hair, while he looks at the camera
“boiling point | do not edit. ”
a young man wearing a supreme hoodie and smiling at the camera with his mouth open