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a statue of a mother bear and her baby cub sitting on its back with their heads touching each other
Georgia Gerber
a person is painting the back of a statue with a brush in their left hand
Sublimez vos sculptures avec les patines à la cire » MainsDansLaTerre
a ceramic sculpture of a woman with her hair in the wind
Patti Warashina
a brown sculpture sitting on top of a wooden base
Torso feminino :: JOSE GUDE ESCULTURA
a person holding a cat statue in their hand next to some wood shavings
a clay sculpture of a woman's face with hair blowing in the wind
Sculpture et modelage | Argile Échelle real | Facebook
two vases with flowers in them sitting on a table
a ceramic figurine of two people in a basket with gold accents on it
three ceramic figurines sitting next to each other
a bird is perched on a branch hanging from the wall next to two small houses
three cement sculptures with sheep in them on a table next to a window and windowsill
Cookie Scottorn Ceramics - Cookie Scottorn Ceramics