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Warrior of Sunlight

I want YOU for a Warrior of Sunlight! Come and engage in jolly cooperation!" Gallery quality, Giclée fine art print in a matte finish created with Cotton paper and archival inks.

Dark Souls - Great Grey Wolf Sif.  And I thought he was cute before!

carson-drew-it: “ Dark Souls Doodles! Great Grey Wolf Sif — In colour! I’ll be making my way through my old illustrations now and adding colour to all of them! I’m still taking suggestions for new Black and White ones, but they will take a back seat.

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all fours alternate costume alternate hairstyle annie mei annie mei project breasts broom caleb thomas cleavage collage competition swimsuit couple fighting stance formal green eyes hair ornament hairband highres hudson (annie mei project) jewelry li

Caleb Thomas - Character Design Page

I don't know why I draw Babs more often.she's my favorite kind of girl to draw and color so ofc I had A LOT of fun with this sketch batch. Babs © ctchrysler<< dude this shit is rad right here now lemme tell ya sonny