Uma Girl Da Pesada !

Uma Girl Da Pesada !

Uma Girl Da Pesada !
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#anime as vezes quando estou triste só meu gato q está comigo tbm

My cat always know when I cry and tries to cheer me up by rubbing on my leg or wants to be in my arms. I don't know how my cat knows when I cry but it just knows. And I have a feeling that when I cry, my cat also wants to cry but only for me.

Imagem de anime, manga, and boy

Summer: * bumps into yuno a guy from my class i crushed on and blushes looking at him* H-hey yuno. * blushing* (( okay so this is a new guy i want to add on here he goes to sfhs in my class and i crushed on him someone can be him in this rp ^-^))

Anime muito fofo   Anime muito fofaaaa

Anime picture with aikatsu! kiriya aoi hiten goane ryu long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blue eyes simple background fringe blue hair standing holding looking back grey side ponytail head tilt drinking girl