Barbara Garcia

Barbara Garcia

Da pra cursar engenharia civil e ser apaixonada por artes, literatura e París?
Barbara Garcia
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Stair art hand painted on MDF and then installed. Much easier (and less permanent) than painting directly on the stair risers! By Michelle Allen this would be awesome on a staircase leading to my craft room!

Beyond adorable!!! Under-the-stairs playhouse. "Shingled on the outside with a mail slot, outdoor light and window box, it now houses baskets of delicious wooden food, a tea set, guest books, date stamps, homemade wooden chalkboard postcards, pretend money, aprons and chefs’ hats, a desk call bell..."

PLAYROOM UNDER THE STAIRS. (especially since it has a proper window and door and it's not a "Harry Potter" room under -the-stairs cramped space. Don't have space for this though LOVE the idea.


River of Heuchera Prince, Coral Bells. All Season's Bed, Foggy Bottom, Bressingham Gardens, Norfolk.


Wooden Pallets Garden Furniture reflects the country house ideas and creates the comfortable atmosphere. Wooden pallet furniture can be change your life and it